Monday, April 27, 2009

A Rough Draft

Well, another NFL draft has come and gone. So many great picks, so many bad ones, and so many disappointing or ecstatic fans. As a passionate football fan in general, however, I just can't get into the actual big day at Radio City. I think there's one simple fact: they already tell me the draft before it happens!

There's nothing that gets me going more in the morning than a steady dose of Mel Kiper's hair, followed by great over-analysis of Iowa State's secondary by himself and young pointless info guru Todd McShay. Even though they get it all correct, I wish I didn't know what each team was getting three days after the Super Bowl.

Finally, the big day comes. Who will the winless Lions pick first? Oh wow, a shocker! They took the QB every single human on Earth knew they would! Let's interrupt the Yankees and Red Sox to tell the world this vital information.

The one great thing that happened in this year's lineup of football excellence was the proof that Al Davis is pure genius. The chance to take the best statistical wide receiver in the draft in Michael Crabtree must have gotten to him. Instead, the star ended up going right across the bay to the team it seems Davis always wants to be like in San Francisco.

What will next year's draft bring? More excitement? More drama? More ridiculous salaries? I'm not too concerned about that, because let's face it. It's all about the hair!

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