Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night I found one of the true loves I have in sports, and why I can't stand it at the same time. For my money, there is no greater spectacle in sports than the 3rd period of a game 7 in playoff hockey. The action is constant, and the drama holds you through commercial breaks, making you beg for them to drop the puck to continue play. Every penalty is crucial; every 2-on-1 is a cringing 10 seconds of "no, no, no...YES" or vice versa.

Luckily, I got to experience two game 7's at the same time. The Rangers/Capitals matchup was an intriguing battle between a low-scoring offense holding off a juggernaut shooter and his henchmen. Though a Devils fan (yeah, we're getting to that one), I began to pull for the locals near the end, wondering if the 7 could upset the 2. Well, I obviously got my hopes up for no reason, as me and my roommate (a diehard Ranger fan) watched helplessly as New York fell behind, leaving no hope for a second round birth.

There's still a game that I'm interested in though at this time, and it's 3-2 Devils going into the 3rd. Like the beast he is, Marty Brodeur starts playing like an all-timer, making save after save. And then, the last two minutes...

A drifter. A Brodeur fail. 4-3 'Canes

Though I'm not a huge hockey fan, I was captivated by this drama for a couple hours, only to be shot down again. However, I'd sign up for that sports drama any day.

...As long as THAT doesn't happen again.

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